A B O U T   L O C O L U X O

Loco Luxo  is an irreverent Portuguese brand that wants to escape the massification of fashion. That’s why we stand out for the difference, with an innovative design and capable of producing unique pieces. We want you to stand out and have your own style.

We are a unique, bold and disruptive brand, with a strong personality, which gives you the confidence to conquer the world!

At Loco Luxo we are focused on every detail, to ensure that we offer you the feeling of luxury and exclusivity you are looking for, combining comfort with a superior quality of applied materials, always at a very competitive price.

And because we know how much you love being different, unique and breathtaking, we give you a challenge: “Wear Loco Luxo ”



Loco Luxo’s mission is to respond to the needs of an independent, strong and sexy woman, aware of her femininity and determined to express it through fashion.





To be a reference company, recognized by our customers, friends, employees and suppliers, for its quality, exclusivity, commitment and safety.


Customers: The Customer is our reason to exist. We make every effort to exceed your expectations.

Collaborators: We select our team. We recruit the best to be market leaders.
Our people are passionate, restless, flexible, motivated, dynamic and creative. They do everything with enthusiasm, they are unstoppable, resourceful and proactive.

We believe that what makes the difference are the people, who with effort and dedication bring results and value to the company.

Results: We are stubborn for the Results. We are always dissatisfied and looking for more. We don’t wait, we do! We have the talent and energy to create the new and surprise. Innovation is our business and we go all the way when we find an opportunity. We stand out for the quality and efficiency of our work. Best practices bring the best results.

Ethics: Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We demand the highest ethical standard from our team in everything we do.

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